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The Parish Council aims to provide a full range of information to benefit all members of the community whether you are a resident, newcomer or visitor to the parish.


We hope you find the site both informative and useful. If you have any comments or additional information you would like to see please contact us.


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News & Events

This covers the village news, forthcoming local events, planning applications and other information regarding what's happening in and around the parish.

About the Parish

This section describes the geography and history of the parish, and its principal features. Also included is a gallery of images of the local area.

Parish Council

This section has information regarding the composition and activities of the parish council.

Latest News


01/12/2015 - Newsletter


December 2015 newsletter




Well, if it is good enough for the Chancellor of the Exchequer then an ’autumn statement’ is good enough for a Parish Council. It was felt an excellent opportunity to relate how your Parish Council had been involved over the past months.

Residents may remember the researches and subsequent exhibitions that have taken place over the past year to fulfil our role with the Neighbourhood Plan. Both Lindfield Councils and residents have laboured over that period and it is hoped that we can now move to a referendum with the residents early next year. We hope to have more information at the next newsletter.


The housing at Heathwood Park is under construction at the moment and will be for a long period to come (at least another two years to completion). Councillors attend regular liaison meetings held by the developer (Barratt’s/Wates) so if any resident has any questions for the developer please contact our Clerk, Mrs Di Morgan


Another element of public concern is the number of potholes that have accumulated over the year. WSCC Highways have an ‘intervention level’ to determine impact and action repairs. Potholes must be a minimum of 40mm deep and at least 150mm wide in all directions, so there are a number not reaching the level where action can be taken. Erosion of road edges is also a concern, but again there is a minimum intervention level of 100mm deep within 300mm of the left hand edge of the carriageway or left of the edge solid white line. WSCC Highways are currently investigating some of our rural roads which became eroded (e.g. Blackbrook Lane, Scaynes Hill) last winter. Please keep reporting problems with location, measurements and photographs if possible but ensure it is safe to gather this information before accessing the road! Reports can be made directly to WSCC using the Love West Sussex website or by downloading an app for your phone from http://love.westsussex.gov.uk/reports/home You can also report problems to the Parish Office in person , by ‘phone or by e-mail.


The Council has also requested that WSCC takes pro-active work to avoid areas of flooding within the Parish that occurred last winter. Most of the trouble spots (e.g. East Mascalls Lane and Town Hill) resulted from drains blocked by mud and debris. We shall continue to target those areas but in the meantime please report where drains are blocked particularly where there is a flood risk.


The rents for the Gravelye Lane Allotments became due on 1st October and several residents have decided to relinquish their plots. We would like to encourage more residents to apply including those living in Heathwood Park. There was previously a waiting list for non-residents but because of demand within the Parish this was discontinued several years ago. It has now been decided to re-open the waiting list, although priority will still be given to residents within the Parish. Applications should be made to the Parish Office.


We would like to remind residents of our Council meeting dates as follows.


Monday 30 November Scaynes Hill Millennium Village Centre


Monday 11 January King Edward Hall Lindfield

Monday 22 February Scaynes Hill Millennium Village Centre

Monday 11 April King Edward Hall Lindfield

Monday 25 April Annual Parish Meeting, Meeting of Electorate,

Scaynes Hill Millennium Village Centre

Monday 16 May Annual Meeting of the Council

King Edward Hall Lindfield


Civic Amenity Collections:


A refuse freighter for free collection of household and garden waste will be provided on

Sunday 29 November 2015

Sunday 14 February 2016

Between 10am and mid-day at the north end, Scaynes Hill Common.

Please do not leave rubbish in the absence of the refuse freighter. No trade or builders' waste will be accepted.







23/11/2015 - Mid Sussex District Council – Focused Amendments to Pre-Submission Draft District Plan


MSDC is inviting comments on a schedule of Focused Amendments to the District Plan prior to its submission to the Government. The role of the District Plan is to say broadly what, where, when and how development will take place in Mid Sussex over the next two decades.


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