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The Parish Council aims to provide a full range of information to benefit all members of the community whether you are a resident, newcomer or visitor to the parish.


We hope you find the site both informative and useful. If you have any comments or additional information you would like to see please contact us.


The main menu is organized into three sections:


News & Events

This covers the village news, forthcoming local events, planning applications and other information regarding what's happening in and around the parish.

About the Parish

This section describes the geography and history of the parish, and its principal features. Also included is a gallery of images of the local area.

Parish Council

This section has information regarding the composition and activities of the parish council.

Latest News


16/02/2015 - Newsletter


March newsletter


Neighbourhood Policing Panel

One of the functions performed by our Parish Council is to provide a representative for Lindfield Rural parish on the local Neighbourhood Policing Panel, which covers Lindfield, Ardingly, West Hoathly, Sharpthorne, Horsted Keynes, Scaynes Hill and Rural surrounds.


The Neighbourhood Policing Panel is a group of local residents, not just Parish Councillors, who meet on a roughly 10 week schedule with our local Police Community Support Officer, Erica Baxter, at Haywards Heath Police Station. The meetings start at 7.30pm and last for about an hour and a half. We discuss any and all issues relating to crime and anti-social behaviour in our area. Erica advises us on the various reported incidents that have arisen since the previous meeting and we are able to highlight any concerns that we (or our community in general) are aware of, which we feel would benefit from a review or investigation by the Police. Issues such as inconsiderate parking of vehicles, theft (of all types), anti-social behaviour, suspected drug use etc., are discussed.


One of the main problems/issues that Erica regularly highlights is an apparent lack of interest, within the community as a whole, to report any suspicious activity. It is generally left to the poor victim of a crime to make the first report to the Police, by which time of course, it is too late. The police cannot be everywhere observing what is going on but if someone in the community reported any suspicious activity that was observed, it might be possible to prevent certain crimes taking place.


To put it simply, prevention is better than a cure, so if you are aware of any suspicious activity, of whatever type, please report it via the 101 telephone number (or if it is a crime in progress, the 999 number). It may be nothing and therefore when the Police investigate, no further action is required but equally, it may be something serious and you could potentially be preventing a crime taking place.


One other way of identifying problems, is for more members of the community to actually participate in the Policing Panel. For example, at present, apart from the ‘odd’ Parish Councillor or three, there is a representative from a Neighbourhood Watch group in Lindfield as well as a resident from Horsted Keynes, who acts on behalf of his neighbours but more local community members would be welcome. The Panel is open to anyone who feels they have a view about the relevant issues. So, for instance, if a group of residents in your road regularly discuss (or moan about) things that happen around you, why not select a representative to attend the Panel meeting to keep abreast of things and also make any points relevant to your local area. At least give it a try.


If you are interested in finding out more or attending the next Panel meeting, which is currently scheduled for 7.30pm on Thursday 16 April 2015, then please contact PCSO Erica Baxter by email at Erica.Baxter@sussex.pnn.police.uk and she will make all the necessary arrangements.

If you don’t feel able to attend the Panel yourself but still have issues or information, we can of course raise them on your behalf. However, to do this we need to know about them, so please let us have details via the Parish Clerk, either by telephone on 01444 831499 or via email at lindfieldrural.parishcouncil@virgin.net but please remember that it is always better to deal with these things first hand.


Annual Parish Meeting

Monday 13th April 2015


at the Millennium Village Centre, Scaynes Hill at 20.00hr. This meeting will afford residents the opportunity to meet the Councillors who will report on this year’s business. There will be guest speakers and an opportunity for residents to raise any questions. A glass of wine will be offered from 19.45hr and all residents are welcome.


Neighbourhood Plan Update

Following formal submission of the Lindfield and Lindfield Rural Neighbourhood Plan to Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) on 12 December 2014, we have now been advised that the 6 week public consultation should commence on 12 February 2015. This consultation is being organised by MSDC. Please look out for the relevant advertisements


Gravelye Lane Allotments

Many residents in the Parish and particularly those residing in the Kaleidoscope and Heathwood Park developments off Gravelye Lane may not be aware that the Parish Council owns and operates the Allotment Gardens off Gravelye Lane, Lindfield.

It has certainly proved very much a popular pastime to grow your own fruit and vegetables and although there are no vacancies on the allotments at present, the past year has seen a larger than usual turnover of plotholders. This has resulted in the waiting list being substantially reduced so the Parish Council are re-opening the waiting list to those residing within the Parish boundary. For those resident who are unsure whether they are within that boundary may we remind you that residents from the hamlet of Walstead and the village of Scaynes Hill would qualify. Residents may, however, consult our website or phone the Parish Office for confirmation.


Works in Progress

It has always been the Parish Council’s objective to ensure as much as possible a high level of infrastructure and is working with the community and others to achieve a better environment. A flavour of what your Parish Council has been aiming to achieve are as follows.

To identify ways to alleviate flooding problems in the Parish. For example:

Cockhaise Mill Farm area; East Mascalls Lane; Bedales Hill; Town Hill, Lindfield; Snowdrop Lane.

Traffic calming in Gravelye Lane and roads approaching Lindfield and Scaynes Hill.

Neighbourhood Plan – see separate report

Creation of island at junction of Lyoth/ Snowdrop Lanes.

Environmental re-assessment of the Burial Ground and Scaynes Hill Common.

Details of other projects can be obtained from the Parish Office.


“Welcome To Lindfield” – Road Wardens

Residents may have observed in the February issue of the Lindfield Life (page 23) a plea from Brenda Johnson for volunteers as road wardens for various roads within our Parish.

The function of the road wardens would be to identify new residents and to pass a “Welcome to Lindfield “pack supplied by the Three Churches of Lindfield. Please contact Brenda Johnson on 01444455375 for more information.

A similar scheme is in operation in Scaynes Hill but initially contact St Augustine’s Church or the Parish Clerk for more information.


Affordable homes for sale at Heathwood Park

The Parish Council has received the following information from Sussex Weald which may be of interest to residents:


Did you know that people who live in the Parish of Lindfield Rural take priority when it comes to buying the new affordable homes currently being built at Heathwood Park?


The new development includes 17 two and three-bedroom houses for shared-ownership sale. They will be finished in stages between May this year and March 2018.

Shared ownership enables you to buy a share of the property and pay rent on the remainder, owned by Horsham-based housing association Saxon Weald. Over time you can buy a bigger share – and could eventually own your home outright.

The spacious and modern homes are built to a high standard with good insulation and double glazing. They are carpeted throughout and the fully fitted kitchens feature integrated oven and hob, washing machine and fridge/freezer.


Priority will be given to:

applicants who have lived in the Parish of Lindfield Rural for two years or more;

applicants who have been employed in the parish (at least 16 hours a week) for the previous two years;

applicants who have immediate family who have lived in the parish for five years or more (two years if the applicant is over the age of 65).

For more information please contact the sales team at Saxon Weald on 01403 226035/226145 or email: sales@saxonweald.com


All applicants will need to register with our Help to Buy agent. Go to www.helptobuyese.org.uk to find out more.


Connecting our Communities

Scaynes Hill Millenium Village Centre

Friday 13 March 2015

10.30 am – 3.30 pm


Calling all older people living in Mid Sussex

Book your place now at the MSOPC (Mid Sussex Older People's Council) free event if you

Would you like to be better connected to your family and friends, and also to information about services and activities that are available to older people?

Would you like to make new friends, renew old acquaintances over a coffee or tea and lunch?

Would you like to know about how to live more healthily?

Would you like to know more about dementia?

Would you like help in choosing a computer/laptop/tablet, or with getting on line, shopping on the internet, or getting an email address?


Ring the answer phone helpline 01444 242760 and leave your name and number or email anita@msopc.org.uk.

We would also like to hear from you if you

Would like to volunteer to help run similar events in Mid Sussex

If you are a business that would like to donate money, meeting rooms or staff time to support older people living in the Community.


Affinity Sutton, the Alzheimer’s Society, Mid Sussex Wellbeing, and Princess Royal Hospital will all be represented at this Event which is being funded by the Big Lottery.



12/02/2015 - The Neighbourhood Plan


Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) have issued the Plan for a six week consultation to enable comment on the content from Thursday 12 February 2015 to Thursday 26 March 2015.


Lindfield and Lindfield Rural Parish Councils have now submitted the Neighbourhood Plan, which will control all aspects of the development within the two Parishes up until 2031.


Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) have issued the Plan for a 6 week public consultation, to enable you to comment on the content, from:

Thursday 12 February 2015 until Thursday 26 March 2015


Copies of the Plan are available to view at both Lindfield and Lindfield Rural Parish Offices during normal opening hours. The Plan is also available on the MSDC Website:




and on the Lindfield Parish Website:



All comments to Mid Sussex District Council.


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